ASEAN Virtual Latte Art Competition 2020

Key Presenter: Gruppo CimbaliFaema

Organised by ASEAN COffee Federation (ACF)

The challenge is designed to create a fun and entertaining platform for the ASEAN regions’ baristas to showcase their latte art skills.

Given a limited period of time, baristas are required to produce excellent latte art. It is a colourful and energetic display of talent from some of the world’s best baristas.


SGD1,000 + Trophy

1st Runner-Up

SGD500 + Trophy

2nd Runner-Up

SGD300 + Trophy

3rd Runner-Up



Drinks will be judged based on:

(1) Visual Appeal – Foam quality, definition, and clearly defined lines

(2) Ability to achieve correct pattern

(3) Creativity and difficulty of pattern


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