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For more information, please contact:

Mr Steven Tan, Executive Director
ASEAN Coffee Federation
T: +65 6956 7441


ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) has announced the launched of the very first ACF sanctioned ASEAN Barista Team Championship (ABTC) series which will be held on an annual basis in South East Asia countries.

The inaugural event will be held alongside the highly successful trade exhibition, Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019 (FHI), in Jakarta International Expo Centre (JI Expo) from the 24 to 27 July 2019.

Each ASEAN country is expected to form their dream team comprising of 4 best of the best baristas who will represent their country fighting for the coveted title of ASEAN Team Champion.


  1. Form a team of 4 Baristas
  2. Submit an application form, CLICK HERE
  3. Contact your country’s coffee association about your submission for shortlisting process:

    Indonesia – Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (
    Lao – Lao Coffee Association
    Malaysia – Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (
    Philippines – Philippines Coffee Board
    Singapore – Singapore Coffee Association
    Thailand – (1) Barista Association of Thailand
                     (2) Thai Coffee Association
    Vietnam – Vietnam Coffee Cocoa Association
    Myanmar – Myanmar Coffee Association (

    Cambodia – To be advised
    Brunei – To be advised
  4. Shortlisted team will receive a confirmation email from ASEAN Coffee Federation Secretariat Office.



  • Two countries’ teams on stage to fight each other simultaneously.

    The competition will consist of 2 x group phase rounds followed by the final competition.

    GROUP PHASE 1 & 2
    Teams will compete in head to head rounds to produce 15 orders to be served in 10 minutes.Upon completion of both rounds within the Group Phase the top two teams from each group will progress through to the Knockout.

    Scoring system – per round:
    1 point per cup
    2 points for winner

    The top 4 teams will compete in head to head rounds to produce a total of 20 orders to be served in 15 minutes. All finalist will compete twice.

    Scoring system – FinaIs: 
    1 point per cup
    2 points allocated to signature drink

    Tie: ln the event of a tie, the team with the highest number of cups from all rounds will progress through to the Knockout phase. If the number of cups is also tied, a beverage order card playoff (7-minute round) will be held between the teams involved to determine the winner:

  • Each team is to serve the required drinks from the beverage order cards with as much art and taste as possible in the allotted time. The beverage cards will include take away and dine in (ceramic cup use) scenarios across the following categories:
    1) Espresso
    2) Long Black
    3) Café Latte
    4) Piccolo
    5) Cappuccino with Luxe Brew chocolate.
    6) Hot signature beverage with “Sponsors” product
    7) Café latte with “Sponsors Product ”barista blend.
    8) Milk based beverages will be free pour (etching allowed) or a specific pattern (rosettas, heart, tulip, swan etc)


    The ASEAN Barista Team Championship is a competition open to qualified baristas/individuals from ASEAN Region only. 

    Age requirement
    Competitors must be at least 18 years of age at the time of competing.

    Competitors must hold a valid passport or documentation substantiating 12 months of residency, employment or scholastic enrollment.


    Baristas may organise themselves to do any tasks they see fit.

    Drink Order Card
    Upon start of timer, one team member from each team collects the first beverage order card from the judging table. Both teams receive the same cards in the same order:

    Drinks must be served to the judging table and placed on the corresponding square in numerical order as per that card. Upon completion of first order card the second card can taken and so on. Each beverage order card could be for any number of drinks and any type of coffee drink per above list. Only the cups served to the judges table will be judged/scored.

    Teams will have five minutes to get their workstation ready to best suit their coffee delivery. i.e. beans in hopper/s, grinder calibration, sample/practice espresso shots, urn, brew equipment, placement of all equipment ingredients. Once five is complete teams will be asked to step back from the station and wait for the competition round to start.

    Competition Time
    Competition will begin once the MC says go. Timer is stopped when the allotted time for that round is up.  If drink orders are not complete, then those coffees are not allowed on the table and will not be judged.

    Clean Up
    Teams will have five minutes to clean up. During clean up, teams refill coffee beans in the grinder, and leave the grinder and workstation cleared and clean for the next competition After each round the head judge will advise runners to clear the beverages from the judging table and the table reset ready for the next round.

    3 judges in total

    All judges will assign a poker chip to their preferred choice for each order & the beverage with the most chips will earn a point. Automatic two points awarded to the winning team.

    Milk Coffee: Piccolo, Latte and Cappuccino coffees will be judged on latte art.

    Presentation: Design clarity taking into consideration contrast, symmetry, size, foam quality.  1 random milk coffee per beverage card will be judged on taste.

    Hot Signature Beverage with “Sponsors:” will be judged on presentation and taste.

    Espresso Coffee: will be judged on taste only. Beverages will not be tested for temperature, however if the is deemed well below or above general industry standard, the cup/s wiII be judged accordingly.  No technical judging required.


    Registration Form:

    Competitors must complete the online Registration Form online by 12 July 2019. This form includes a space to upload a scanned copy of the required valid passport or other accepted credentials. Approved participants will receive confirmation by email in approximately 2 days after receipt of all required registration documentation